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Apple admits to backdating options

But the independent committee investigating the illicit backdating of stock awards cleared Mr Jobs of wrongdoing. The severity of the long term consequence should have compensated for the seemingly small probability of being caught. Apple Owns Up to Backdating. Investors have developed methods to detect options backdating more quickly. This would have likely have been ineffective in preventing options backdating at Apple. It did not name the two people. They were likely more loyal to Jobs and his executive team than they were to the investors they were supposed to be representing. This reward could be accompanied or replaced by clemency if the whistle-blower was involved in the scandal. These three men had an interest in keeping favor with Jobs since he helped them to get on the board and since they had friendly personal relationships. Apple admitted to granting backdated options on 15 dates between and 2. Apple shares have been depressed during the week on fears that the company's annual report, which was delayed by the options investigation, would contain new information which might damage Mr Jobs's position. The stock subsequently fell and the options were underwater, even though they had been backdated. They were deceived when Apple appeared to be more profitable than they actually were. It allows the grantee to receive options that are already in the money, which allows him or her to glean a much higher profit.

Apple admits to backdating options

The severity of the long term consequence should have compensated for the seemingly small probability of being caught. Two option grants to Mr Jobs were scrutinised by the committee, which has handed its findings to the securities and exchange commission. The board wanted to ensure that the Apple executives received significant compensation for their efforts. If Apple had developed a more strict punishment to anyone involved in financial misstatements, such as immediate dismissal from the company or the board, the participants in options backdating may have acted more carefully. Since directors often serve on more than one board, they form a tight-knit community of interlocking boards. They were deceived when Apple appeared to be more profitable than they actually were. Since he or she had already successfully backdated options, it gave that person and the idea more credibility. Calling into question the ethics of any of the executives or board members would have taken significant courage. However, such measures will not prevent further commissions of other types of corporate fraud, except to the extent to which they increase the perceived or actual consequences to fraud. The scandal of backdating, by which the exercise price of share options was set with the benefit of hindsight at favourable levels, has already led to the exit of several senior executives. As more directors and executives appeared to favor the idea at Apple, it became more difficult for any one person to oppose options backdating. Apple said in its report the committee's investigation "raised serious concerns regarding the actions of two former officers in connection with the accounting, recording and reporting of stock options". Jobs, Anderson, and Heinen were all respected executives. However, the amount of people that knew about the scandal and kept quiet shows that there was not a significant enough reward for ethical action. There were no high profile cases of options backdating until to Part of the reason that the board may have failed to live up to their responsibilities to the investors was the close ties they had with Jobs. Apple Executives Settle Backdating Suit. Options backdating consists of granting an option that is dated prior to the date the option is actually granted. The media attention that options backdating has received has also played a roll in discouraging future backdating. Jobs, a notoriously difficult and abrasive chief executive. Whistle-blowing is easier said than done: The approval for the second grant of options "was improperly recorded as occurring at a special board meeting on October 19, Adding to the pressure to conform was an uncertainty about the consequences of options backdating. The pressure to conform to a group is very real, as Solomon Asch showed in his experiments. A better way in which Apple could have caught the fraud in its infancy would have been to reward whistle-blowing. Group conformity, conformity to authority, and poor judgment of consequences all pressure individuals, such as Jobs, Heinen, and Anderson, to act unethically.

Apple admits to backdating options

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