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Best online dating for geeks

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Cuddli was built specifically with geeks in mind. I, myself, have used this site, and have gotten quite a lot of 'winks' and messages from other users. This dating site is not the traditional site where in companies and sites try to make the app and the experience more approachable and friendly. Also, be aware of the fact that your membership automatically renews unless you cancel it. Just browsing through some of the profiles and through the site, there seems to be a disproportionate amount of men to women on this site Anime character. Then come the big questions, like, "is jealously healthy" and "would you consider an open relationship? The Otaku Booty has made a stellar effort by relaunching their dating site. Huge props to okcupid for their gender inclusivity. Let's dive into the world of online dating together and uncover which sites are best for geeks and which ones you can do without. Best free option for no frills geeks Image: In their own words, Intellectconnect offers an exlusive meeting place for thinkers, brainiacs and the intellectually curious.

Best online dating for geeks

Coming back and looking at the bigger picture, the highlight of this site is the way it works and how easy to use this site can be. Whether you're looking for something kinda casual or a full blown life-long relationship, there's probably someone on Zoosk who's looking for the same thing, you just have to find them yourself. In the category of price, eHarmony is on the more expensive side. Your suggestions will be more accurate and other users can see if they fit with what you're looking for. You deserve someone who can match your nerdy awesomeness, and maybe even help you take it to the next level. There are computer geeks, math geeks, comic geeks, and more, with thousands of members online at any given moment. If reading and re-reading the entire Harry Potter series, having regular marathons of all the movies, and making plans for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter sounds like your perfect date idea, then these are the people for you. Aside from the fact that the service is free, you can connect with geeks from all over America, the U. Absence of a search option makes the process of finding an appropriate match all the more lengthy and tedious. I understand the range of inhibitions we all face when it comes to dating. The app and the site has been customized and designed in such a way that it enhances user experience to a large extent. If you don't know what any of that is, then this site is not for you. You may say we kind of geek out about things. Best for picky geeks Image: It's not always easy being a geek, but with this service, it can be easy for you to meet others in your area. Dating has always been considered a little more difficult for the socially awkward bunch of freaks and geeks. The site's personality test is ground zero of the matchmaking process. It's probably my fault, I guess. Well when the good looking crowd was always on the prowl and constantly grooming themselves and gauging and calculating their options, the geek were considered to be meek. This is the website for the nerdiest of the nerds. If not, general settings work too. Why it's great for geeks: If you want to send or a read a message from some, you have to have paid for an account. You want to find that someone special you can chat with for hours on end about the glory of those Ewoks movies in the s , someone who will want to create the perfect couples cosplay , and a cutie who you can bond with over your mutual hatred for Thanos. The site reads more like a fan forum than a dating site, but that might change if you actually sign up for an account, which I did not. If you are looking for someone smart, you are likely to find them here.

Best online dating for geeks

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