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Comoy s pipes dating

At any rate, it is a Comoy not often seen. Jaques Cole kindly let me copy his beautifully illustrated catalogue, dated , which is almost certainly the first one produced by Comoy. My catalogue makes the following statement: First, a round white inlay was inserted, then the centre of the white was drilled out, and a smaller round black inlay was inserted. The stem was then buffed with White Diamond and Meguiars plastic polish. I reamed the bowl and gave it a soak with alcohol and sea salt. The next generation had joined the firm by the time the Second World War broke out. This certainly was the top grade from its introduction. It is so unusual to find a completely perfect straight grain that shapes and quantities are strictly limited. I do not know when the first Grand Slam pipe actually appears, however. I am also fortunate to have a history of the company written by Louis Comoy in the s and believe that the history given as an introduction is as definitive as possible. This grade was introduced in to mark years of pipe making and continued in production until the s. This was introduced as the second grade to the Blue Riband around the same time to meet the American demand for a lighter finish. Sometime in the 60's, it the serifs were returned to the "COMOY'S" lettering, though, as mentioned above, the typeface is not as fancy as the earlier one. This merger was formed in order to create co-operation between the various companies. This accentuation of the grain has more recently been copied by the Danish pipe makers to great effect.

Comoy s pipes dating

It appears that some grades carried different stamps or at least that the stamping changed in different years for some grades. The second version is the same as above but in a "rugby ball " shape. The typeface is somewhat more ornamented than that used in later years. The stem has the three-piece C. The next generation had joined the firm by the time the Second World War broke out. However, the names are not reliable guides to dating unless associated with other factors. This was a complex inlay needing three drillings. The stem had some mild teeth chatter that I knew would be an easy fix. The stem was mounted and I removed the oxidation with , and grit wet paper. It should also be remembered that, as the stamps used for stamping pipes got worn, new ones would have been ordered and used alongside the old ones and there could therefore be overlapping of different style. Perhaps this was a dig at Dunhill, who placed a white dot on the top of the mouthpiece to show which way up it should be! The name Magnum was re-introduced by Cadogan in the s, but these were not really magnum sized. I do know that at some point, the "C" on the stem, which had previously been fabricated with several circles of white plastic and vulcanite, became a simple painted on mark. I have little interest in any Comoy made later, so have never looked at them very closely. I am fortunate to have a few pieces with original hallmarked silver bands that helped tie some of the more sketchy information together. The pipe was purchased by a gentleman in Japan, who has told me he reads this blog. There is no embossed C on the stem, nor any name or shape number. The stem has the three-piece C. This grade was introduced in to mark years of pipe making and continued in production until the s. However, there are certain changes of nomenclature that occurred over the long history that assist in arriving at approximate time scales. By , the business had outgrown the Seven Sisters site, and a new factory was built in Newcastle Place, Clerkenwell. I quickly realised that there was very little information on the make generally, and often the information published was inaccurate. There is no C inlaid on the stem. Next, I used the and grades of micromesh. The Names or Grades Some indication of the period in which a pipe was made can be learnt from the name or grade stamped on the pipe. By , markets were being sought in America, and the extra business required a new factory to be built in at 72 Rosebury Avenue.

Comoy s pipes dating

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