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Create self updating application

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Check fetches the remote manifest, checks the SecurityToken for tampering, and compares the version of the remote manifest to that of the local one. So your install process and subsequent updates would show elevation prompts. This is intended to be done automatically by the service or a scheduled task, etc. It would need to stop itself before the update, use a temporary process which handles the update and start again when finished. NET Framework until version 4. You are running version 1 of this console application. Versions are the same. One of the payloads might contain a replacement for your application's executable itself, but it can't be overwritten while it is running. What that means is that the service will need to be shut down to release the file locks and then the files updated and the service restarted. Add a class library called ServiceProcess: So this is what I did. Updates works in two ways: If an update is found it should install it automatically.

Create self updating application

This allows us to avoid coping and pasting code to multiple projects. Starting monitoring every s. To update the application we copy everything in the work directory to the application directory, and then delete the work directory. Files aren't checked for integrity i. ZIP compression was not introduced into the. But what's going on? You are running version 1 of this console application. It also should run without elevation. You can try writing an updater yourself, but it's not as easy as it sounds. We will use this to validate the output of our service via the console. Points of Interest In order to target the. Per-user installations for each of your product versions. Installation packages also simplify the Updater application. Per-user installations are required so you can perform the upgrade silently. This is our test harness. This is why a service is not such a good idea. Remote config is valid. Initializing using file 'F: We add some console messages around the service calls to get feedback, but all the heavy lifting is done within the class library. How it Works The Updater class does all the heavy lifting. Remote version is 2. Loaded on PID You are running version 2 of this console application. One of the payloads might contain a replacement for your application's executable itself, but it can't be overwritten while it is running. The main thread is going to wait for a keypress.

Create self updating application

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