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Dating hamlet by lisa fiedler

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From the guard's walk, I hear the officer Marcellus and Horatio as they greet the guard Barnardo. Quietly, I dress, and quietly, I leave my room. Horatio makes but the slightest start at my sound, and I see him tilt his ear in my direction. Let us go now. They will revel in the twists that Fiedler adds to explain the characters' actions. There is no help for it, and my thoughts settle on Hamlet. And I know you, like a brother, love him too. But Horatio speaks ere I even open my mouth. The deceased King, to be precise! For good measure, I cross myself as well. Ophelia and Hamlet are passionate lovers even as he mourns his murdered father and plots revenge. For the moment, please, be still and listen. Hamlet hath shown me that a word is as good as a kiss, when, like a kiss, one knows how to bestow it. When I find her in the scullery and tell her my design, her eyes open fully, and her pretty mouth falls.

Dating hamlet by lisa fiedler

But, oh, to be the one to reveal that his father's spirit wakes Those familiar with the original Hamlet will most appreciate Fiedler's imaginative approach, as she pays homage to the Bard with clever cribbing and her own twist on Shakespearean language. Even teens with a vague knowledge of the play will enjoy the quotes, references, and sly reversals as well as the Shakespearean drama and commentary. There is no help for it, and my thoughts settle on Hamlet. Told in first-person present tense mostly in dialogue , the book will lend itself to readers' theater. This revelation pierces me like a dagger, but slowly, as though the blade were blunt. Has he communicated otherwise to Horatio? The damp night crawls suddenly along my spine; I thirst for more, for more Besides, it is too late. The King that's dead! The deceased King, to be precise! I knew as much; the moon told me I've a million inquiries I would make of it. For good measure, I cross myself as well. The voices approaching are familiar. But, alas, for near four months, Hamlet has dealt only in darkness. I am filled with such restlessness, as though I am being taunted by the moon itself. The moon wills it. It will also lead readers into yet more complicated literary revisions such as Alan Gordon's Thirteenth Night St. I believe I loved Anne instantly, for she made me laugh like no one else, save Laertes. She lives in Monroe, Connecticut. That, I always felt, spoke of the depth of their friendship. And, I might add, behaved poorly. Together, we talk of the sun and the stars and the earth, and of how we wish at times we were the only two who dwelled upon it. It warms me even in the memory of it. I assist her in dusting the filth from her skirts, then turn back to Horatio.

Dating hamlet by lisa fiedler

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