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Dating someone with a chronic illness

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Illness or not, I deserve to be loved and give love in return, just as much as every one of you. We actually like when you ask questions, because this tells us that you care and want to help if you can. It is important that you be honest with us. We understand that life can be short, testing, and even scary at times. While this may make it seem like we have a lot more free time on our hands, the opposite is actually true. More From Thought Catalog. A split-second of hesitation and my life is on you. Our schedules are busy. The lack of communication leads to a lack of intimacy and feelings of distance. Loss of interest in activities Withdrawal from social interactions. On the other hand, if you are the one giving the care, you may end up feeling resentful or overwhelmed. While there are parts of our lives that are more complicated with being sick, there are some good things that have come out of it, as well. If we catch the flu from you, there is a good chance we will end up being hospitalized, so simple things like washing hands more frequently and keeping things clean are important.

Dating someone with a chronic illness

So please, partners, do not downgrade our side effects, and be ready for them because they can affect us as much as our original diagnosis at hand. This is not us being lazy or being a couch potato. By letting me ask for your help, that allows me to keep my independence and gives you the right opportunities to help me. Often, they will face new limitations and obstacles to overcome, leading to feelings of frustration. But remember when you have a burning desire in your heart for something, the universe has no choice but to enact the law of attraction and evoke reciprocity. I may be different, but nobody pays much attention to the moth that blends in with the crowd. I am human too. Just remember that when push comes to shove, we will stand by those in our lives who need us, because our situations have trained us to become a warrior. Loss of interest in activities Withdrawal from social interactions. This is a significant risk and is characterized by the following symptoms: We also grieve for our health. The lack of communication leads to a lack of intimacy and feelings of distance. I do not know how many of those days I will have. Pay attention to the health of the caregiver The partner who is the caregiver must also take time to pay attention to his or her own emotional and physical health. When dating someone with chronic illness, there will likely be bad days that will test your relationship. Would you be the significant other of a chronically ill person, having met them while sick? It should give you hope. Be there for us, be our rock. This shift can end up creating a sense of loss and threatening self-esteem. On the other hand, the right level of communication is the key to strength. We know that it is not our fault we are sick and we would change it in a heartbeat if we could, but it does not mean we do not feel guilty. By keeping these tips in mind, people dating those with health challenges can hopefully learn to be more supportive and educated partners. Sure, there are days when we go out and feel like we could conquer the world and raise a little hell. Just know that we are not looking for you to fix us, simple understand that some days will be harder than others, and in return we will keep in mind the same for you. Unfair that our relationship could potentially be more about me than us, because at the end of the day, my life is always in the balance.

Dating someone with a chronic illness

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