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Deinera exner cortens dating violence

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Physical and psychological dating violence victimization was assessed at Wave 2. This study is the first to demonstrate the longitudinal associations between teen dating violence victimization and multiple young adult health outcomes in a nationally representative sample. At Wave 3, individuals with missing data were less likely to report heavy episodic drinking. Extreme Weight Control A dichotomous variable indicates if participants reported any of 3 extreme weight control items in the past 7 days to lose weight or keep from gaining weight self-induced vomiting, taking diet pills, or taking laxatives. A dichotomous variable indicates whether participants endorsed either adult physical IPV item. To explore the impact of missing data, individuals with any missing data on control or outcome variables were compared with individuals with no missing data. Teitelman et al 23 examined effects on future intimate partner violence IPV and HIV risk in a subsample of sexually active women, and van Dulmen et al 24 investigated cross-lagged effects between violence victimization and suicidality. Adolescents were reinterviewed in at Wave 2, and again in — Wave 3. Instead, we ran all analyses on 2 subsets, a subset using available case deletion and the complete case subset; the results from these subsets were similar, indicating that the missing data mechanism likely did not bias the results in any substantial way. Suicidality A dichotomous variable reflects if participants reported seriously thinking about committing suicide in the past 12 months. Substance Use Participants reported on smoking behavior in the past 30 days.

Deinera exner cortens dating violence

Physical IPV items were derived from the CTS2 26 ; participants were asked if a partner had 1 threatened them with violence, pushed or shoved them, or thrown something at them that could hurt or 2 slapped, hit, or kicked them. Roberts et al 22 explored impacts of physical and psychological TDV on health risk behaviors in male and female individuals 1 year post-victimization. Past year illicit substance use was divided into 2 categories: Outcome measures were reported at Wave 3, and included depressive symptomatology, self-esteem, antisocial behaviors, sexual risk behaviors, extreme weight control behaviors, suicidal ideation and attempt, substance use smoking, heavy episodic drinking, marijuana, other drugs , and adult intimate partner violence IPV victimization. Forced Sex At Waves 1 and 2, female participants only were asked if they were physically forced to have sexual intercourse against their will by any person. Associations with adverse outcomes were explored in 2 TDV subgroups: Both variables were dichotomized, indicating any marijuana or other drug use in the past 12 months. Participants were to year-old adolescents who reported heterosexual dating experiences at Wave 2. Physical and psychological dating violence victimization was assessed at Wave 2. However, because of the number of empty cells, the algorithm was unable to construct a distribution sufficiently precise for imputation, and so we could not use this method. Findings emphasize the need for screening and intervention for both male and female victims. Sample The analytic sample was restricted to adolescents who participated in the in-home interviews at Waves 1, 2, and 3. Analyses in the female subsample only also controlled for forced sex. Abstract To determine the longitudinal association between teen dating violence victimization and selected adverse health outcomes. Measures At Wave 2, participants identified up to 3 romantic and 3 sexual relationships occurring since the Wave 1 interview. Although 3 of these studies found associations between TDV victimization and future adverse consequences, they each faced limitations, including limited power to detect effects, 21 limited outcome measures, 23 , 24 and a short-term follow-up period. Methods Data This study analyzed data from the Add Health data set. Although several recent longitudinal studies have investigated the association between TDV victimization and later adverse outcomes, 18 — 24 only 4 have investigated outcomes other than risk for revictimization; 1 study 21 looked at effects of physical and sexual TDV on adverse health outcomes 5 years post-victimization in a sample of Minnesota teenagers, whereas the other studies 22 — 24 used the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health Add Health. Victims and nonvictims differed on all characteristics except gender Table 2. At Wave 2, individuals with missing data reported greater depression and lower self-esteem, and were more likely to report a suicide attempt, but less likely to report marijuana use. All multivariate models controlled for race, age, socioeconomic status, child maltreatment, pubertal status, and gender. To explore the impact of missing data, individuals with any missing data on control or outcome variables were compared with individuals with no missing data. Child Maltreatment Child maltreatment was measured retrospectively at Wave 3 by using 3 items, reflecting neglect, physical abuse, and sexual abuse. Adult IPV Victimization Participants reported on physical violence victimization occurring in romantic and sexual relationships in the past 12 months. To assess drinking behavior, participants reported how many times they drank 5 or more drinks in a row in the past year. Each item was dichotomized and summed; higher scores indicate greater risk range, 0—5.

Deinera exner cortens dating violence

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