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Fender hot rod deluxe serial number dating

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By Steve Dallman The two are similar in some ways and quite different in others. For now you should be fine but I don't care for Fender's genaric speakers. I'll go over what all you need and have to do for tube changes. Doug at Vintone has pulled this one off. What happens next will be dictated by which channel we're using. Cathode caps simply increase gain by reducing degeneration or local negative feedback , by shunting AC frequencies across the bias resistor. If you look at the back plate of the amp it should tell you where it was made. The cabinet is solid maple birds-eye maple sides - it looks amazing up close and features two 12" Eminence speakers arranged vertically with foam sound insulation inside to prevent acoustic wave pooling. Limited editions[ edit ] From to Fender released two limited edition models in polished maple hardwood no tolex covering. Tubes and speaker are only under warranty for the first 90 days.

Fender hot rod deluxe serial number dating

This is a non-standard Fender design, which bypasses a k resistor with a pf cap. The bright switch in the BD is next. What I was hearing through the speaker was an "echo" of the signal, caused by less-than-perfectly decoupled gain stages. Okay, I know this is pretty obvious. A JFET "Shunt Switch" is used because it's switch element is extremely quiet and produces no modulation or any other unwanted effects. Power tubes with a "1" rating break up the earliest, and those with "10" are the cleanest. If, and only if, you're technically inclined and have good problem solving skills, then you could try the following steps to resolving the problem. Let's fire up that soldering iron and have some fun! The HR has "improved" distortion drive with "more drive" added. This may be an "issue" to the tube purists. If you would PM me a snapshot of your chassis in the back with a list of what tubes are in it. Most modern day amplifiers use solid state rectifiers and reverb units. The physical appearance of the Hot Rod series is based on the mid-to-late '50's "narrow panel" tweed amplifiers with accouterments such as a top mounted, chrome plated chassis and black "chicken head" pointer knobs, but with textured black tolex found on Fender amps from the s onward rather than the tweed covering. If the blonde tolex tickles your fancy you may want to check it out. Solid state rectifiers don't "break up" as early, allow more clean headroom, and provide less compression than their tube counterparts. The reverb circuit and the effects loop are solid state. The Hot Rod Deluxe is a mono-channel amplifier featuring 3 switchable gain levels: It's well known that the stock speaker is an Eminence, but which one exactly? For the most part I'm pretty good about it. Then the problem is around V2B, turn the amp off, drain the filter caps, and check the continuity of parts around V2B. Below are pictures of a modern Hot Rod Deluxe compared to a rare Champ with the original styling. Stock and other versions[ edit ] At various times, Fender has released special versions or " Limited Editions " of this amplifier. The factory bias is 60 mA total for both 6L6s. The popping sound is normal. Specifications[ edit ] The Hot Rod Deluxe is an all tube combo amp rated at 40 watts. V3 is the phase inverter, which makes sure the powertubes are running degrees out of phase.

Fender hot rod deluxe serial number dating

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