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How to find my court date online in florida

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Can I get my bond money back today? A security given to assure a prisoner will appear and answer in court that is required for release until trial. Emails can be sent to clerk hcclerk. Are probation fees paid to the clerk of courts? Where are the Judges' offices located? No, the court will allow reasonable time to pay. What information should I provide the Clerk of Courts? What will happen if I don't appear in court? If you fail to contact them about a late payment, it may result in a Violation of Probation. DUI fines could be higher. Of course, spectators are expected to dress and conduct themselves properly when attending any court session. No warranties, expressed or implied, are provided for the accuracy of the data herein, its use or its interpretation. Where can I do my community service work? You can, however, call the Clerk of courts, and make a credit card payment over the phone. After a case is concluded, the cash bond may be released to the depositor. For information about the 4th Judicial Circuit, please visit www.

How to find my court date online in florida

Can I do community service work to pay for my fine and costs? What am I charged with? If you are representing yourself, you may file documents, and the judge will afford you an opportunity to address the court. How do I file an appeal? Can I get a continuance? The internet-based solution provides attorneys enhanced case access, which includes the ability to view actual court record images online. How can I get information about the case? If you are due a refund, and if you have not received it after 14 working days, please contact the Misdemeanor Department at Clerks are not attorneys, and not allowed to give legal advise. Please call the Misdemeanor Department at In many instances, the judge will allow. In addition, the Law Library located in the Duval County Courthouse is available to help you in your research. Can I pay my costs in my home county or state? Cash bonds will be posted to any outstanding fines and court fees owed by the defendant. Yes, you may bring a relative to court with you; however, seating space is limited and defendants are given priority. How can I press charges against someone? If so, the defendant is informed of his or her next court date. If you are represented by an attorney, you should not file or discuss your case with anyone in the court system other than your attorney. What is your mailing address? For your convenience, you can mail your change of address to the address below. Your relative may have to stand or wait outside the courtroom until your case is called. This can be obtained from a bail bondsman, currently at a ten percent fee. What is a felony? Probate in Florida What is a misdemeanor? You can find your next court date on the web site; however, you should check with your attorney or the clerk's office for any changes that have not been posted.

How to find my court date online in florida

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