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Most intimidating fighter of all time

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The former two-time boxing world champion and Olympic gold medalist has a whopping 68 knockouts under his belt. Fighters were often beaten before they stepped into the ring and had to look into Listons dark and empty eyes. But behind the success inside the ring, was a turbulent life outside of it. He was anti-social and he greeted the media and public with a sneer. Dejdamrong has over Muay Thai fights. Being taken down and controlled on the ground by Aoki will push any fighter into survival mode. No one wanted to fight Liston, his connections to the underworld and his constant run ins with the law — at one time resisting arrest even after night sticks had been broken over his skull only added to his intimidation factor. This led Liston to involving himself in armed robberies and plenty of trouble. George Foreman Todays generation might see this name and think of the cuddly looking grandfather who sells a great grill and think what is so scary about him? He was a bully to the media and others alike, which only fueled his already intimidating character. In Sonny Liston battered Chuck Wepner, stopping the man who would go onto become the inspiration behind the Rocky movies in the 9th round. As my career progressed and people started praising me for being a savage, I knew that being called an animal was the highest praise I could receive from someone. I knew I had him. As an amateur Boxer the warning signs were already visible, jailed for inciting a football riot as well as stints in prison for fighting.

Most intimidating fighter of all time

As one of the largest Thai fighters in history, Dieselnoi was feared primarily for his knees. During his days in PRIDE, the former UFC Lightheavyweight Champion would seem like a man possessed with hurting his opponent at times; ravaging them with soccer kicks and face stomps whenever it was possible. I knew I had him. When he was hurt, he was the most dangerous because he was willing to go down in a blaze of glory and more often than not, he would blast his way back into the fight. Friday Like Us On Facebook In the realm of fighting, battles are usually won in the ring or in the cage. As my career progressed and people started praising me for being a savage, I knew that being called an animal was the highest praise I could receive from someone. These fighters are living proof that fighting is as much mental as it is physical. Although not the most skilled in the ring, Foreman would make up for his lack of skills with immense power, sheer size and long reach. It was Iron Mikes steely stare which gave him any hint of fear from his opponent. Despite all of his troubles, he was adored by his country because he rose from the slums to become undisputed world champion with a fearsome reputation inside the ring. He was a bully to the media and others alike, which only fueled his already intimidating character. Fighter Analysis Intimidation and Fear Mental Strength The mental aspects of a fight plays a significant part in the outcome of a fight. His love of fighting eventually led to a Boxing gym and by the age of 16 he had already become a professional Boxer, en-route to becoming arguably the greatest ever Lightweight Boxer in history. And one of his eyes may move and then I know I have him. Cus wanted to build a beast, he wanted another heavyweight champion of the world and he wanted to create a fighter who was so scary that everyone in the whole world would fear him. He had been dead for several days, later official reports would determine he most likely died on 30th December but due to finding his body almost a week later, the cause of death has never been confirmed. The left hand would twice knock out Heavyweight Champion Floyd Patterson within one round. That means some Boxers, who may have been scary outside the ring or just plain crazy both in the case of Ricardo Mayorga failed to make the cut. Foreman had a troubled youth, a recurring theme for fighters who end up utilising the intimidation factor. The insecure, afraid child would grow up to become the baddest man on the planet. Then once I see a chink in his armor. That stare alone was enough to send shivers down spines, but combined with speed, power, tenacity and an immense work rate, Pryor would be a terrible nightmare for any opponent. For good reason too, Foremans size and style would have been all wrong for Mike Tyson but what a fight it would have been to see those two giants of the sport gearing up to battle each other. In Monzon was shot twice by his first wife but unfortunately he continued to physically abuse the women he was romantically involved with and would continue to send to the hospital paparazzi reporting his bad behaviour, dishing out beatings to both. Wepner would require 72 stitches to his face to repair the damage Liston inflicted upon him.

Most intimidating fighter of all time

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