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Pros and cons of dating a muslim

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When he is too bored he decides to spend time with you. What matters most is that you believe in God and if you really mean something to her, she should also look at this situation the same way. In cases like these, the role of the parents is simply limited to that of advising or facilitating rather than imposing or dictating their own views or decisions. That is important information to have. Is there anything that I can do? They had three daughters I am the oldest. Islam itself is a religion of love and compassion. Allah Almighty knows best. Good luck in your struggle. Not necessarily his past sins. If you convert for the sake of this girl and later separate, will you be converted by the next new catch? May Allah bless you all with righteous spouses who will be the means of you entering Jannatul Firdous al Alaa. Thank you all you lovely ladies once again. So, what makes you up and what makes him up are not very similar…. Not a little of this on this day and maybe that on another day. She felt as if her four years of hard work had finally started to pay off.

Pros and cons of dating a muslim

Dear Sisters, falling in love the halal way is not wrong. That is important information to have. Your reason for converting is more romantic than spiritual. Just… Listen to your family.. Allah Almighty knows best. I do not think anyone should be in a relationship where they are treated badly — I have always had the mindset that if you treat me like a queen — you will feel like a king. I see you are committed to her more than she is to you. You will be a temporary temptation of his life. But dating is a very different thing and taboo for most Muslims, so I would ask him what are his views. Women however are not head of the house, even in the bible because Eve did not listen to God and ate the forbidden fruit, therefore are to submit to their husbands. What do you lovely ladies think? Unfortunately, the cultures of many peoples do not follow the religion in many ways. She felt as if her four years of hard work had finally started to pay off. There was no one in her life to share this pain with. I also do not want to disappoint my mother who is a staunch Christian and has single handedly raised us. Then, in Islamic countries mothers have fewer rights than fathers. Continue to keep good relations with your parents in spite of your differences of opinion in this matter and let them know that you are there for them regardless of this issue. Finding a nice restaurant is difficult We celebrated his birthday last month, and I wanted to take him out to a nice restaurant for dinner. Define for me who is acceptable to them please. When you refuse to meet him alone or to fulfil his obscene demands, he would start distancing himself from you, just like a useless paper in his wallet. Not necessarily his past sins. Say goodbye to expensive, dated matrimonial websites full of fake and inactive profiles. There were other steak dishes on the menu, and lots of other tempting meaty food. At her office her thinking started to change a little as she genuinely began to develop feelings for her boss. He may be a westernized Muslim — caught in between — but his parents likely will not approve of dating. However, there is one problem.

Pros and cons of dating a muslim

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