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Searching updating records in database

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The server-side internal driver supports JDK 1. Distributed transactions are defined as a JDBC2. The server-side Oracle JDBC driver does not have connection pooling as the server driver can have only one connection which is to the logged-in session. Resultset enhancements JDBC 2. These client-side and server-side drivers provide the same functionality and have the same syntax and APIs and they share the same Oracle extensions. Construct a SQL or callable statement object and send queries or database tasks. While porting code from JDK1. Fetch size is part of JDBC2. The basic steps in creating a JDBC application involve importing JDBC packages, loading and registering the JDBC driver, opening a connection to the database, creating a statement object to perform a query, executing the statement object, returning a query resultset, processing the resultset, closing the resultset and statement objects, and finally closing the connection. Java applets are good candidates that make use of this driver.

Searching updating records in database

The details of the case study used to illustrate the various JDBC concepts throughout are presented. Database objects tables and object types: Execute the database tasks or process resultsets. These are reproduced here for convenience: Again this is all transparent to the client. Distributed Transactions A distributed transaction is a combination of two or more related transactions that execute in a coordinated manner. Batch Updates Oracle 8i Release 2 supports two types of batch updates, namely, automatic batch update of Oracle style and explicit batch update of JDBC 2. For example, a distributed transaction might involve a change in a transaction record in one table and an automatic creation of an audit record in another table in a different database located in a second location. This is available as part of the JDBC2. Features such as objects, object references, arrays, and LOBS can be used by importing this package. It is Oracle platform-specific and requires an Oracle client installation. The difference lies in how they connect to the database and how they transfer data. The following gives a detailed description of each of these drivers: The client driver communicates with the net server using a database-independent protocol and the net server translates this protocol into database calls. It also provides no host redirection. One important feature of JDBC is location independence. All the individual transactions might take place in the same database, but typically, the individual transactions are in different databases and often in different locations. It allows a direct connection to the database. These calls are then sent to the Oracle database server using Net8. Load a JDBC driver. In other words it is a way to execute SQL statements and also call stored database procedures. These client-side and server-side drivers provide the same functionality and have the same syntax and APIs and they share the same Oracle extensions. About JDBC JDBC provides a standard interface for accessing a relational database from a Java application regardless of where the application is running and where the database is. The implementation is by means of the interfaces in the standard java. As part of the case study we will use the same schema objects as defined in case study of Chapter 2. Distributed transactions are defined as a JDBC2.

Searching updating records in database

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