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Updating database to latest stable release

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Can I keep my LocalSettings. You need to run the Assignment upgrade tool to un-hide the activities. Also, in MediaWiki 1. If you are upgrading from MediaWiki 1. New major releases come with new features, which you might want to use: Command line upgrade On Linux servers, Moodle 3. Possible issues that may affect you in Moodle 3. That makes dozens good reasons to upgrade! Functionality should not be affected in any way, though it's wise to review the configuration of enabled authentication methods before and after upgrading. An upgrade failure may leave your database in an inconsistent state, in between two versions.

Updating database to latest stable release

You can just update the files. Always back up before performing database maintenance. However, please note that when you update from old versions, chances that you will encounter PHP errors are bigger than when you upgrade from the version directly previous to the new version. Minor upgrades, within the same major version, say from 1. In rare cases, settings may be falsely reported as newly added during the upgrade. It's a good idea to map your old config. Recovery is often complex. Authentication plugins Authentication plugin settings internal storage has been updated and improved. If you are upgrading between major releases of MediaWiki, the preferred procedure is as follows: Swap the old directory and the new directory. Should I back up first? This will make the upgrade more difficult, but do not forget that you did not have the trouble updating to the intermediate versions, which you skipped! Before the upgrade, there may have been a cron task that was failing, which was preventing the rest of cron from being executed. Assuming all goes well no error messages then you can start using your new version of Moodle and enjoy the new features! You need to run the Assignment upgrade tool to un-hide the activities. Install the new Moodle software You can fetch the current version of the software through wget http: Do NOT copy new files over the old files. As these are part of the database which will be reused when you upgrade, you will not have to patch the MediaWiki core files any more. Can my wiki stay online while it is upgrading? Consider setting the upgrade key for your site. In such situations it may be possible to somehow fix this problem with much manual work. The benefits of these changes are: If you are moving your installation to a new server or new location on your server, then you will need to follow the Migration documents. Text table table is mediumblob, not mediumtext, to avoid character encoding issues. Recent releases receive security fixes to keep your wiki and your host safe from vandals, while old releases don't see Version lifecycle Version lifecycle. Then you should wait for any currently running cron processes to complete before proceeding. If you are updating plugins manually, it is a good moment now to check in the Moodle Plugins directory whether there is a 3.

Updating database to latest stable release

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