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Updating kernel ubuntu 10 10

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Now run the following command to see what kernels are available right now for download. It may take a while. Nothing will be wrong the system. Select the desired Kernel version and click on install to install the newer Linux kernel version. In this article, I will show you how to update the default kernel 4. You can easily downgrade the Kernel. It remains at your disposal. Expires August 3, You can check the version of the currently installed kernel on Ubuntu Once the download is complete, ukuu should show you a very long list of kernels. Thanks for reading this article. You can either use graphical user interface or the terminal. So, do you often upgrade Linux kernel on your own or do you wait for your distribution to provide the upgrade?

Updating kernel ubuntu 10 10

In this article, I will show you how to update the default kernel 4. In such a situation, I could choose to upgrade Linux kernel manually. Select an older one. You can run the following command to see what you can do with UKUU. I am assuming that you already know what is Linux kernel. Boot into an older Linux kernel When you are booting into your system, on the grub menu, select the Advanced options for Ubuntu. How To Tagged With: Ukuu has settings option that allows you to not display release candidates of kernels in the list. It may take a while. UKUU has a graphical user interface version called ukuu-gtk and a command line utility. It is done in two steps: Just use the commands below: Focus on the end result to know if it new Linux kernel was installed successfully or not. To install kernel 4. Before we see how to upgrade Linux kernel in Ubuntu with Ukuu, I must warn you that you should be aware of the risk. It is pretty new. It remains at your disposal. Booting into an older Linux kernel in Ubuntu Step 2: This ensures that your system is not messed up because of hardware incompatibility or any other such issue. It works like a charm and sticks to what it is intended for. Just use the commands below to install Ukuu: Once the download and installation is complete, reboot your computer with the following command: It will refresh the list of available Linux kernels available for Ubuntu. A newer version of Linux kernel is released every few months with new features such as support for more hardware , bug fixes etc. Downgrade Linux kernel Once you boot into the system with the older Linux kernel, start Ukuu again. Make a backup of Ubuntu system to be sure.

Updating kernel ubuntu 10 10

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