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Updating primary key db2

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For example, knowing where to send a bank account update may require a join of the account table with the customer table, in order to know which branch of the bank the customer deals with. Each data set will be defined on a volume listed in the storage group you select. To remove an existing foreign key: Referential Sets A referential set is a group of tables that are connected together by referential constraints. You can use the following types of target tables: Table Details A number of tabs where you specify information about the columns and, optionally, various constraints. You should follow some general rules when deciding how to limit the scope of DB2-defined referential integrity: DB2 logs both the before-image and after-image columns of the table for each change to the table. Doing so makes it easier to keep track of the RI defined to DB2 and the rules that are in effect. The controls, such as the fields, pull-down menus and buttons, in the assistant are only enabled if the ALTER TABLE statement for the database holding the table provides a way to alter the corresponding table attribute. A primary key is a column, or a combination of columns, that uniquely identifies a row in a table. All of these options are valid depending on the business rules that apply to the data. You can define vertical subsetting either: No pages will be cached. To create a constraint:

Updating primary key db2

These tables are usually static and easy to control within your programs. Deselect the columns that you do not want to make available for replication to a target table. Summary And so we conclude part 1 of this article. All other target table types can make use of before-image columns. Whether RI is checked by DB2 or by an application program, overhead is incurred. A new primary key row can be inserted as long as the primary key is unique for the table. These tables are built when rows are added or appended to the table over time. If one or more of the columns defined in the predicate are updated, you must specify replication logical partitioning key support when you define the replication source. Typically, production databases are normalized so that the geographic details, such as branch-number, are not stored redundantly throughout the production database. When inserting a row with a foreign key, DB2 checks the values of the foreign key columns against the values of the primary key columns in the parent table. To create an index: You can define vertical subsetting either: Noncondensed CCD target tables These tables are used for history tables or audit trail tables. Be sure that the application program can achieve better performance than DB2 by taking advantage of innate knowledge of the data that DB2 does not have before eliminating DB2-enforced RI. The top portion of the tab holds a list of all unique constraints, and the lower portion holds a list of all table columns. Erase data sets when index dropped? To remove a column: Use the Delete button to drop columns. Efficiency cannot be increased simply by moving RI from DB2 to the program. Each referential constraint must define the action that will be taken on foreign key rows when a primary key is deleted. Piece Size The maximum addressability of the dataset for a non-partitioned index. To declare a Primary Key: You might need to define a view replication source to bring together all the columns needed to define the row subset. To ensure that this integrity remains intact, DB2 has a series of rules for inserting, deleting, and updating: These are picked up from the selection in the tree when the assistant is started. The processing needs of the application dictate which delete option should be specified in the table create statements. Use base aggregate tables if you need to summarize your source table contents on a regular basis.

Updating primary key db2

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